Elko Convention & Visitors Authority

The following rules apply to the use of the Elko Convention & Visitors Authority (ECVA) for the Global One Media Health and Fitness Fair (“Fair”), Saturday March 9, 2024 from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

Contracts with Global One Media:
All participants in the Fair will have a current, signed contract for a sponsorship with Global One Media.

Name of Event:
The official name of the event is “Health and Fitness Fair 2024 presented by Global One Media”. The name of the event and the name of the Title Sponsor must appear in all ads associated with this promotion that air between December 1, 2023 and March 9, 2024.

All advertising associated with this agreement must air between December 1, 2023 and March 9, 2024. Credits and “make-good spots” for missed advertising must be redeemed prior to the date of the event. All advertising associated with this agreement MUST mention advertiser’s participation in the Fair AND include the name of the event with the Title Sponsor.

Setting up Booths, Booth Sharing and Exclusives:
The standard package includes 2 chairs, 1 draped table and a 10X8’ booth, unless otherwise specified. Additional equipment and other amenities can be provided at an additional charge, IF YOU REQUEST THEM IN ADVANCE. This agreement is for the specific participant named on this order form. No other entities may share the booth. If the participant invites another entity into their booth, they will be charged a second fee, equal to the original fee, plus 25%, less any discounts. No participant will be offered an exclusive. The Health and Fitness Fair is open to you AND your competitor. No advertiser may attach signs, placards, displays or decorations to the walls or other portions of the premises. Open flames of any type are not permitted.

Electricity for your booth is available for $25, provided your order is a minimum of ten days before the event. IF ELECTRICITY IS ORDERED AFTER February 15, 2024, the charge will be $50.Unauthorized extension cords are considered a fire hazard by the city fire marshal and are prohibited.

Room Occupancy Limits:
Once the legal capacity of the ECVA has been reached, no more people will be admitted. The ECVA may eject any objectionable persons from the premises. All rights and claims against Global One Media and the ECVA are waived for any damages resulting from an ejection. 

Stopping an Event:
Global One Media or the ECVA may stop any activity that it considers to be offensive to the morals, comfort or safety of the persons attending the event, or to prevent the destruction of property.

Damages for Failure to Remove:
Advertisers will clean up and remove all items used during the event within 1 hour after the close of the event. If Global One Media or the ECVA determines the need for additional clean up, participants will be charged a cleaning fee of $355.00.

Smoking Policy:
The ECVA provides a designated smoking area. Smoking in any other area is prohibited.

Lost or Stolen Articles:
Global One Media or the ECVA will not be responsible for the property of the participant during the event, including loss of articles or equipment left unattended.

Food Preparation:
Participants who prepare food or beverages during the event will be required to adhere to the ECVA rules for Catering, Kitchen and Bar.

Altered or Amended in Writing Only:
No alteration of this Agreement shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by both parties, including a Global One Media manager.

Hold Harmless:
No part of this Agreement is assignable by the participant, without the express written consent of Global One Media.

Attorney Fees:
In case of lawsuit for breach of any condition of this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to its reasonable attorney fees and costs.

Booth Assignments:
Booth assignment priorities are made at the time the booth is paid for, with exceptions for Participating Sponsorships, whose booth positions are made in advance. While every effort is made to accommodate the booth location wishes of every participant, this is not always possible. In all booth assignment cases, the decision of Global One Media is final.